Our Manufacturing Products

We are Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter for industrial automation products Established in 1991 with an aim of providing providing technically sound and financially viable solutions for wide range of Industrial Automation and machine manufacturing related products. The attention to detail, starting from the foundation is prominent to providing a high quality product to the customer or end user. This is the core line of our business and we try our best to supply products which meets our customers technical specification.

We have been in the field of Automation related Products since 1991 and have an ISO 9001- 2015 Standard established and reputation of being a manufacturer of good quality Interfacing Modules, such as Relay Interfacing Modules and Field Interfacing Modules and Diode Modules.

We are manufacturing Automation related products such as: Relay and Field Interfacing Modules of 1 CH, 2 CH, 4 CH, 6 CH, 8 CH, and 16 CH etc, Diode modules, Power Distribution boards, Snubber cards, Cable assemblies and Wire Harnesses.

Our setup is situated in Nashik, Maharashtra, India and majorly we serve our customers from all over India and UAE, Gulf, South Africa and African countries.

AC / DC Drive Control Panels

We manufacture & supply AC / DC Drive Control panels. These drives find application in most of the factories and industries where immense electricity or power is used. In addition to this, our range of panels is easy to use and avoids the chances of disturbances or malfunctioning during the operation.

Adavantages for AC / DC Drive Control Panels:

  • Application specific control functions
  • Advanced user interface features
  • Power factor correction
  • Inputs/Outputs as required

VFD Drive Control Panels

VFD or AC DRIVES Control Panels are inherent part of DRIVE AUTOMATION- Speed and Motion Control Systems. We guide customer in selection of best Drive match by reviewing system specification and/or requirement and process logic. Where it be the Control of speed and motion or drive mechanical assembly for process optimization.


  • Energy Efficient
  • Reliable Performance
  • High Durability
  • Superior Designs